Vegan Cheese! Delicious… first try.

Busy weekend we cooked chicken tacos.

I had my first bread with a soft taco, but this time using lettuce. I have to be careful with both to make sure I chomp into tiny pieces, breads and lettuce and flat things can open up an cause blockages.


How good is this?

I caved last night and had a damn calippo, No Weight change, lost ketosid between that and the Martini! so Today i started planning icy poles, tea as the base, stevia for sweetening. This is the Chai tea @ Almond milk and it’s delicious!

I also have mint and ginger on the freezer for tomorrow.

Saw the bariatric surgeon today he is very happy with my progress and says I should be off blood pressure tabs soon, can’t wait!


Using the 20ml measure I have made a mini martini to celebrate 130kg. That’s 30kg off. I know there are only 9 of you following me and of that I reckon no one does daily checks on this but I feel I owe it to you to post before and after shots. I a tracking it all in an app but those shots have my shirt off and i’m not comfy yet so:

This photo is from September at Tulip Festival, Also my profile Pic. The operation was October 29th so soon after this photo i dropped five kilos with shakes to prep for operation.

The next photo is from last weekend in the city, where I was about five kilos heavier than now.

While maintaining ketosis, I am dropping 900grams to 1.1 kilos a day.

I know this Martini will kill ketosis for the night but it’s my first drink in about 10 weeks and it’s smaller than usual and it’s the only one i’m having…. My mini Martini with ice to keep it cold cause i have to drink it slow :p

Oh those olives! This one is shaken (i prefer it for the ice coldness) Bombay and Cinzano 2:1 with 3! Green pitted olives! Yum!

Happy 130 KG 🙂

Weight loss and Ketosid

The weight loss has slowed down but holding at 132kg down from 160. I’ll post photos soon, hard to do cause perfectionist brain not satisfied yet….

But i noticed as I have started eating solids that weight loss slowed down. I am trying to keep proteins high but taking too many carbs in, so i have reassessed and grabbed stuff to make more of my vegan slice and some protein balls for snacks.

Photos to come… Today’s minimeal: a quarter of a “healthy burger”

well the photo has too much I are about a third of it and that was enough…. we will make our own at home next cause I enjoy them more anyhow… this was my first red meat meal and a: Very heavy b: Very filling c: very greasy in the mouth!

The recipies book behind it is the one i got from the nutrichew website… very good reading

Today’s Mini-meal

Onion, two very small slices diced,

One garlic clove, diced,

Sautéed in olive oil,

100 grams of roast chicken breast

egg whisked with soy milk

salt and pepper

guacamole added to flat frita!

very delicious, serving size is slightly smaller than i have been having, but i have been feeling too full with my portions, so today’s lunch was “just” a poached egg and this is dinner.

I have diced pork marinating in curry paste/coconut which I plan to slow cook tomorrow. I have been looking into making a flat bread with millet flour for extra protein, i am assuming mountain bread has a variation which would suit but i’d like to make it myself. Recipies i have looked at ask for same things as home made bread, but cook like a pancake.

I think the secret to mini meals is preparing and storing rich flavoured high protein foods which can be added to meals to make it feel/look like a full meal on a mini plate.

The chicken for eg we buy in bulk 500gms, the dogs get it for breakfast and i punch a bit for my meals. It is kept in airtight tupperware and replaces every 2-3 days. We get it from coles, it is their previous days chicken cut up for selling in the deli.

The guacamole we make weekly and keep in airtight tupperware.

The Garlic easy… one clove. The onion has been glad wrapped and out in the fridge.

The book I bought had a lot of suggestions but they basically come back to: eggs, fish, peanuts, muesli so a lot of it is the same meal with slight variations.


So, this was a staple before my operation… then it was a snack and it had two eggs, beans, bacon, toast and cheese…

now this is the Post Gastric Sleeve version:

One Poached Egg, two table spoons of baked beans, one table spoon of guacamole.

This is dinner. Remember Stomach is now 180mg to 200mg in size.

I had a poached egg for breakfast as well as a weetbix and a little bit of pear purée, but i have not eaten since, only had liquids.

It’s very filling and has a lot of protein in it.

egg= 13gm

Beans= 1.5gm (assuming 30gm of beans)

Guacamole: 0.5

so i am going to go with 15gms of protein in that meal.

The daily target is 60gms.

I obviously haven’t counted sugar or calories. I am aware this is not the lowest carbs possible but it’s definitely lower than adding bread for eg.

I am now dairy free so no parmesan!

The guacamole is made fresh by us every week and kept in the fridge in air tight containers, we squash avocados, add lemon, lime, salt and olive oil. Kids take it to school with carrots and they generally have it with tacos once a week.

For my first poached egg I am very stoked!

The dietician advises me some people find eggs difficult post surgery, my advice is to eat slow, take small bites, chew a lot and wait a minute if possible between mouthfuls!

It’s amazing how many habits I have broken while thinking of all this.

Today’s notable bad habit… loading more food into my mouth to chew while still chewing or swallowing food…. overwork/overfill the stomach and eating muscles!

Happy eating 🙂

I hate eating…

I am down 25kg. Yeah that’s beyond awesome. After trying many different things it’s great to have something that works.

But I think it’s the dramatic change to the psychology of the eating, as well as the physiology of eating which makes such a difference.

The smaller stomach obviously helps a lot. I believe on top of that, the recovered period of six weeks before solids helps as well. But i reckon the biggest de-motivator or my old eating habits is… the mind.

Eating now needs a lot of planning, a lot of thinking, a lot of feeling and a lot of time between swallows. It means sitting amongst a bunch of people who are all stuffing their faces while you sit there with a smile and no appetite. It is far from easy and it is nauseating at the same time.

Because eating now come with a decent serve of nausea each time. And burping. and phlegm. A bit of farting. A bit of the runs. but definitely nausea and pain. I am at week four and i have had a few things off the list from weeks five and six (poached eggs. a prawn, some rice!) but generally a tablespoon. I have drank a little fluid while eating too… and it all just makes it awful! It’s not bloat anymore if i overeat (i have managed to overeat twice) it’s so uncomfortable you just never wanna do it.

it also put a big focus on the quality of what you are putting in… something my very forceful yet very correct diet psychologist reminded me of at our sessions:

300 gms of donut goes through you in a moment and does not leave you satisfied

300 grams of leafy green clean you out while going through you and leave you mostly satisfied

300 gms of protein in the form of eggs, meat, legume go slowly through you and leave you very satisfied

my stomach will now hold 200ml.

that’s roughly one poached egg and two sips of juice. Or like just now, one weetbix, one tablespoon of purées pear and one half poached egg.

and i am full, not i overfill, cause i judge with my eyes and mind, if i wait till i feel full it’s too late, cause i feel sick!

Anyhow, all this has inspired me to post regarding fibromyalgia, fitness, gastric sleeve and wellbeing. Over the last few weeks i have been reading up on diet after gastric sleeve and also looking into high quality unprocessed foods which are beneficial in small doses like i am

forced to eat now. so i will post based on this. With Photos 🙂

Fibro Flare :(


All that diverticulitis pain has my hyper vigilance hackles up and i am getting pain for simple things… tors in shoes, knuckles and holding something, feet, knees, hips when i get up, lower back all day… i’m in the pain flare:(. Anyhow spent the weekend eating, lightly but eating. Today is the start of week three and back on my shakes and my completed vegan low carb bar. I have worked it out to roughly 20carbs per 5cm slice which is just one a day, two in emergencies. It is setting i the fridge but i have tried it and it is delicious….. ingredients attached

however now in a crappy state. To tired to sit up, to awake to sleep, i have showered, things and twitching and hurting for no reason… usually when i am like this i eat comfort food and binge on tv or something…… can’t right now though


might watch some comedy in netflix…. anyhow three weeks till op 🙂

ah well during the day i always have this view. Melbourne was sunnier today the heat is coming back to us finally 26degrees celsius!

it’s like a painting!

but nighttime now 😦 Netflix…..

Last Solid dinner for 8 weeks (or so)

Ok this meal was planned.

Thankfully I dont have enough followers for somone to troll me and mimic whats in my head “CHEATER!”

But this is a planned meal, and I am dressed for the part 😀

After this one, no going back! All liquid/low carb.

Clarified with the dietician today – the meal plan is as follows:

4 shakes in one day, total carbs below 60gm (15-18g of carb per shake)

1 bar per day, low carb as possible (i think I have found 9gm ones before)

2-5 small bowls of steamed veggies per day, try to go carb nuetral or deficit.

Anyhow for tonight its Sangria & high protein/low carb (yeah straight out of ketosis with the Sangria but im probably not there right now anyow :))

PS the sunglasses stay on so does the hat and a pair of earplugs – why?

Helps keep the strong light and/or strong noise out of my senses.

Sometimes I am okay with them, but then somethign will change and I am not.

And when I am not, it all becomes pain and extreme discomfort.

So they are my sheilds – Fibrosheilds!