MiniMeal :)

Flathead tail, light pan fry in olive oil and thyme, lemon juice on top

Boiled carrots, sautΓ©ed in butter and honey,

mash potato, soy milk salt and pepper.

added soy sauce

delicious, though serving was a little too big could not finish it

I hate eating…

I am down 25kg. Yeah that’s beyond awesome. After trying many different things it’s great to have something that works.

But I think it’s the dramatic change to the psychology of the eating, as well as the physiology of eating which makes such a difference.

The smaller stomach obviously helps a lot. I believe on top of that, the recovered period of six weeks before solids helps as well. But i reckon the biggest de-motivator or my old eating habits is… the mind.

Eating now needs a lot of planning, a lot of thinking, a lot of feeling and a lot of time between swallows. It means sitting amongst a bunch of people who are all stuffing their faces while you sit there with a smile and no appetite. It is far from easy and it is nauseating at the same time.

Because eating now come with a decent serve of nausea each time. And burping. and phlegm. A bit of farting. A bit of the runs. but definitely nausea and pain. I am at week four and i have had a few things off the list from weeks five and six (poached eggs. a prawn, some rice!) but generally a tablespoon. I have drank a little fluid while eating too… and it all just makes it awful! It’s not bloat anymore if i overeat (i have managed to overeat twice) it’s so uncomfortable you just never wanna do it.

it also put a big focus on the quality of what you are putting in… something my very forceful yet very correct diet psychologist reminded me of at our sessions:

300 gms of donut goes through you in a moment and does not leave you satisfied

300 grams of leafy green clean you out while going through you and leave you mostly satisfied

300 gms of protein in the form of eggs, meat, legume go slowly through you and leave you very satisfied

my stomach will now hold 200ml.

that’s roughly one poached egg and two sips of juice. Or like just now, one weetbix, one tablespoon of purΓ©es pear and one half poached egg.

and i am full, not i overfill, cause i judge with my eyes and mind, if i wait till i feel full it’s too late, cause i feel sick!

Anyhow, all this has inspired me to post regarding fibromyalgia, fitness, gastric sleeve and wellbeing. Over the last few weeks i have been reading up on diet after gastric sleeve and also looking into high quality unprocessed foods which are beneficial in small doses like i am

forced to eat now. so i will post based on this. With Photos πŸ™‚

Op is done!

First day home was…. Terrifying!

so yes i survived the four weeks prep and the three days in hospital, many a mini horror story but out i was today and home again… just in time to feel sick and dry retch in the shower for an hour… seems i had a blockage… i know i did because it’s gone now… it could have been the jelly served by Hospital and eaten too quickly by me, or the few sips of almond milk coffee i had today… or both!

Either way, blockage gone! My measurements are lower than before and my weight is below 150kg which is a big plus πŸ™‚ i am tracking it all in an app and will share more details shortly… we are now into the unknown world of small stomach! but we have a good guide, and guidebook, a dietician, psychologist, psurgeon and loving family all offering support. I feel i have gotten through the hard bit and now it’s just getting used to my new normal.

The first two weeks are essentially fluid only, so i will be focusing on clear fluids till about day 5/6 (today is day 2) and then starting slowly on soup and vegetables for eg. I have bought some V8 vegetable juice but after today’s experience i will wait a bit longer before drinking it. We have a liquid multivitamin coming, MultiChew and a liquid format, so i believe it’s import to keep them going (for life) to make sure my body stays health especially while depleting daily calorie intake so dramatically. Surprisingly i am not hungry… not a surprise to anyone else i am sure but to me who usually feels hunger 95% of the time it is amazing.

more to come πŸ™‚

Still on Track

It’s been a tough few days but i am doing it.

So i have added soup to the dieting menu,

also one egg a day if i really feel like it (skipper it yesterday).

15 Days to go till opp….

my measurements now

chest 132

waist 139

hips 129

i’ll get photos tomorrow πŸ™‚

Fibro Flare :(


All that diverticulitis pain has my hyper vigilance hackles up and i am getting pain for simple things… tors in shoes, knuckles and holding something, feet, knees, hips when i get up, lower back all day… i’m in the pain flare:(. Anyhow spent the weekend eating, lightly but eating. Today is the start of week three and back on my shakes and my completed vegan low carb bar. I have worked it out to roughly 20carbs per 5cm slice which is just one a day, two in emergencies. It is setting i the fridge but i have tried it and it is delicious….. ingredients attached

however now in a crappy state. To tired to sit up, to awake to sleep, i have showered, things and twitching and hurting for no reason… usually when i am like this i eat comfort food and binge on tv or something…… can’t right now though


might watch some comedy in netflix…. anyhow three weeks till op πŸ™‚

ah well during the day i always have this view. Melbourne was sunnier today the heat is coming back to us finally 26degrees celsius!

it’s like a painting!

but nighttime now 😦 Netflix…..

The New Dawn!

So great dinner last night and significant amount of Sangria.

Todays missions was vegan low carb bars and midi input from my microkorg.

Amazingly, i solved the midi input issue, it has only been about a year in the making, but today i got stuck into it early and used you tube and the amazingly descript manual to finally work it out.

I applied myself, amazing what happens when I apply myself instead of expecting plug and play to work.

So same mentalism to the low carb dairy free bar. I found one that retails for $6 each.

I am sure it tastes amazing and does exactly what you want it tto do – but $6 for a snack, its not meal replacenent, its a snack! Especially no.

So I have bought a range of things – I have oats, i bought some carob flakes, rice syrup, LSA mix, coconut something and Ill make a slice, i even found sugar free no dairy chocolate to melt for a topping.. should be interesting ill post my method and results, but thats on tomorrow afternoons list.

Right now its back to the music.

(i popped a filter on the miage to try to hide the fact it is so dusty with missuse!)

anyhow i just love filters πŸ™‚

Last Solid dinner for 8 weeks (or so)

Ok this meal was planned.

Thankfully I dont have enough followers for somone to troll me and mimic whats in my head “CHEATER!”

But this is a planned meal, and I am dressed for the part πŸ˜€

After this one, no going back! All liquid/low carb.

Clarified with the dietician today – the meal plan is as follows:

4 shakes in one day, total carbs below 60gm (15-18g of carb per shake)

1 bar per day, low carb as possible (i think I have found 9gm ones before)

2-5 small bowls of steamed veggies per day, try to go carb nuetral or deficit.

Anyhow for tonight its Sangria & high protein/low carb (yeah straight out of ketosis with the Sangria but im probably not there right now anyow :))

PS the sunglasses stay on so does the hat and a pair of earplugs – why?

Helps keep the strong light and/or strong noise out of my senses.

Sometimes I am okay with them, but then somethign will change and I am not.

And when I am not, it all becomes pain and extreme discomfort.

So they are my sheilds – Fibrosheilds!