Using the 20ml measure I have made a mini martini to celebrate 130kg. That’s 30kg off. I know there are only 9 of you following me and of that I reckon no one does daily checks on this but I feel I owe it to you to post before and after shots. I a tracking it all in an app but those shots have my shirt off and i’m not comfy yet so:

This photo is from September at Tulip Festival, Also my profile Pic. The operation was October 29th so soon after this photo i dropped five kilos with shakes to prep for operation.

The next photo is from last weekend in the city, where I was about five kilos heavier than now.

While maintaining ketosis, I am dropping 900grams to 1.1 kilos a day.

I know this Martini will kill ketosis for the night but it’s my first drink in about 10 weeks and it’s smaller than usual and it’s the only one i’m having…. My mini Martini with ice to keep it cold cause i have to drink it slow :p

Oh those olives! This one is shaken (i prefer it for the ice coldness) Bombay and Cinzano 2:1 with 3! Green pitted olives! Yum!

Happy 130 KG 🙂

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