Weight loss and Ketosid

The weight loss has slowed down but holding at 132kg down from 160. I’ll post photos soon, hard to do cause perfectionist brain not satisfied yet….

But i noticed as I have started eating solids that weight loss slowed down. I am trying to keep proteins high but taking too many carbs in, so i have reassessed and grabbed stuff to make more of my vegan slice and some protein balls for snacks.

Photos to come… Today’s minimeal: a quarter of a “healthy burger”

well the photo has too much I are about a third of it and that was enough…. we will make our own at home next cause I enjoy them more anyhow… this was my first red meat meal and a: Very heavy b: Very filling c: very greasy in the mouth!

The recipies book behind it is the one i got from the nutrichew website… very good reading

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