Today’s Mini-meal

Onion, two very small slices diced,

One garlic clove, diced,

Sautéed in olive oil,

100 grams of roast chicken breast

egg whisked with soy milk

salt and pepper

guacamole added to flat frita!

very delicious, serving size is slightly smaller than i have been having, but i have been feeling too full with my portions, so today’s lunch was “just” a poached egg and this is dinner.

I have diced pork marinating in curry paste/coconut which I plan to slow cook tomorrow. I have been looking into making a flat bread with millet flour for extra protein, i am assuming mountain bread has a variation which would suit but i’d like to make it myself. Recipies i have looked at ask for same things as home made bread, but cook like a pancake.

I think the secret to mini meals is preparing and storing rich flavoured high protein foods which can be added to meals to make it feel/look like a full meal on a mini plate.

The chicken for eg we buy in bulk 500gms, the dogs get it for breakfast and i punch a bit for my meals. It is kept in airtight tupperware and replaces every 2-3 days. We get it from coles, it is their previous days chicken cut up for selling in the deli.

The guacamole we make weekly and keep in airtight tupperware.

The Garlic easy… one clove. The onion has been glad wrapped and out in the fridge.

The book I bought had a lot of suggestions but they basically come back to: eggs, fish, peanuts, muesli so a lot of it is the same meal with slight variations.

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