Op is done!

First day home was…. Terrifying!

so yes i survived the four weeks prep and the three days in hospital, many a mini horror story but out i was today and home again… just in time to feel sick and dry retch in the shower for an hour… seems i had a blockage… i know i did because it’s gone now… it could have been the jelly served by Hospital and eaten too quickly by me, or the few sips of almond milk coffee i had today… or both!

Either way, blockage gone! My measurements are lower than before and my weight is below 150kg which is a big plus 🙂 i am tracking it all in an app and will share more details shortly… we are now into the unknown world of small stomach! but we have a good guide, and guidebook, a dietician, psychologist, psurgeon and loving family all offering support. I feel i have gotten through the hard bit and now it’s just getting used to my new normal.

The first two weeks are essentially fluid only, so i will be focusing on clear fluids till about day 5/6 (today is day 2) and then starting slowly on soup and vegetables for eg. I have bought some V8 vegetable juice but after today’s experience i will wait a bit longer before drinking it. We have a liquid multivitamin coming, MultiChew and a liquid format, so i believe it’s import to keep them going (for life) to make sure my body stays health especially while depleting daily calorie intake so dramatically. Surprisingly i am not hungry… not a surprise to anyone else i am sure but to me who usually feels hunger 95% of the time it is amazing.

more to come 🙂

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