The New Dawn!

So great dinner last night and significant amount of Sangria.

Todays missions was vegan low carb bars and midi input from my microkorg.

Amazingly, i solved the midi input issue, it has only been about a year in the making, but today i got stuck into it early and used you tube and the amazingly descript manual to finally work it out.

I applied myself, amazing what happens when I apply myself instead of expecting plug and play to work.

So same mentalism to the low carb dairy free bar. I found one that retails for $6 each.

I am sure it tastes amazing and does exactly what you want it tto do – but $6 for a snack, its not meal replacenent, its a snack! Especially no.

So I have bought a range of things – I have oats, i bought some carob flakes, rice syrup, LSA mix, coconut something and Ill make a slice, i even found sugar free no dairy chocolate to melt for a topping.. should be interesting ill post my method and results, but thats on tomorrow afternoons list.

Right now its back to the music.

(i popped a filter on the miage to try to hide the fact it is so dusty with missuse!)

anyhow i just love filters 🙂

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