Last Solid dinner for 8 weeks (or so)

Ok this meal was planned.

Thankfully I dont have enough followers for somone to troll me and mimic whats in my head “CHEATER!”

But this is a planned meal, and I am dressed for the part 😀

After this one, no going back! All liquid/low carb.

Clarified with the dietician today – the meal plan is as follows:

4 shakes in one day, total carbs below 60gm (15-18g of carb per shake)

1 bar per day, low carb as possible (i think I have found 9gm ones before)

2-5 small bowls of steamed veggies per day, try to go carb nuetral or deficit.

Anyhow for tonight its Sangria & high protein/low carb (yeah straight out of ketosis with the Sangria but im probably not there right now anyow :))

PS the sunglasses stay on so does the hat and a pair of earplugs – why?

Helps keep the strong light and/or strong noise out of my senses.

Sometimes I am okay with them, but then somethign will change and I am not.

And when I am not, it all becomes pain and extreme discomfort.

So they are my sheilds – Fibrosheilds!



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