Day 4!

Yes still on the journey but i did cave in last night! I ended up eating two sandwiches and two crumpets before bed! However i am not disappointed because that’s the longest i have been able to be on shakes and bars, which was about 72 hours. I also made sure not to spiral out of control… i planned what i was gonna eat, prepared it enjoyed it ate it and stopped at that…. didn’t lead to eating more junk and binging like it would have in the past!

Going over it i have figured a few things that will help: More bars and more variety. I am also checking in with the dietician and psychologist about what to do for the next time i feel like eating.

Many mins ago, in my 20s i quit smoking and that took a fee goes to get right as well. The key thing here though is the limited time, the final two weeks for example i have to stay off food… the dietician said this first week may have teething problems but otherwise really be good to have it down pat by week two!

So day 4 here we go!

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