Deconstructing Obesity… (Day 3)

So, Day 3 sucks!

Diverticulitis – Its the scientific name for “pockets” in the colon, associated with IBS including pain, bloating, gas and good old fashioned diaorehha! For some reason when I am getting all tis my bladder gets jelous and also goes painful and bloated. I think thats central sensitisation making a mockerey of my somasensatory nerve system…

But who am I to self diagnose?

What I can say is it has been challenging – Add stress and the mind goes for comfort from stress, usually my first comfort is a big meal, lots of carbs, sweet and salt, meat, etc….

OR, then I put off eating and stay in an anxious state thinking about food I want to eat…

Both behaviours are counterproductive to my Brad Pitt/Ricky Martin clone body I want to achieve so I am finding ways to put off the desie and invest my time/energy into better productive pursuits for my end goals….

like having a nice warm shower and keeping hot water on my sore belly!

Am now also having some panadol and very slowly drinking a meal replacement shake….

Hard work but it will be worth the effort and the best part is:

this post is not a “oh I gave in and ate food that is counter productive to what I need to do” post – its another “struggling but conquering” posr, which is what I want more of to remind me, its worth it 😀

I am keeping it honest, the page is keeping me honest, its hard but woth it

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