Meal Plan

The meal plan while preparing is challenging but good. It’s intended to reduce the power of the hormone “Gruehlin” or something….

Also helps shrink your liver

And helps shrink your stomach

And helps prepare mind for smaller meals.

For me it is:

Up to four meal replacement shakes a day

1-2 small bowls of steamed vegetables

1 Meal replacement bar p/d

2-3 litres water a day

1 tablespoon of oil a day

So, the bar being the chewy fun part of the day, is being eaten in halves at two times of the day.

The shakes i am learning to drink over fifteen minutes instead of 1 minute.

The veggies are delicious!

The oil is going on the veggies with a bit of salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Day 2, winning so far and i still have a shake left before bed!

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